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Furniture, Fittings & Equipments

Our team has worked on multiple brands and is well versed in applying the required standards for specific brands.

Kabana Group is the gateway to numerous and diverse sources of furniture, fitting and equipment (FF&E) around the globe, from high quality volume manufacturers South Asia to specialist crafts based suppliers in Europe. In addition to its extensive first-hand knowledge of these suppliers, the team travels on behalf of clients to find the finest local products especially suited to a particular project and advises on their optimum mix with quality imports. On occasion, budget dictates that items originally specified by the designers have to be substituted. It is at this point that Kabana’s knowledge of suppliers is particularly valuable.

Equally important, the Company’s appreciation of design intent and brand values means that the alternatives it puts forward preserve the style and standards. Designers and clients are always consulted to ensure they have confidence in the proposed substitutions. The Kabana buying teams know how to purchase the right product at the best possible price and then how to handle the quality control, expediting, global transportation, warehousing and delivery to ensure that the FF&E arrives to schedule ready for immediate installation.

In addition, when our brief includes installation we produce charts and critical path analysis to interface with the main contractor.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipments


By employing an installation team with one of the finest reputations in the industry, Kabana delivers the highest quality interiors, complete for immediate operation, in properties ranging from historic landmarks to modern new-builds. The team includes logistics experts, traditionally skilled craftsman, electricians and fitters, supplemented by other trades as required as well as by local site teams. A dedicated manager from Kabana directs the programme, supervises transport routes, co-ordinates works and maintains effective communication between all parties involved, including the agreed structure of reporting with the client. All Kabana installation projects are managed on site with the highest compliance with Health and Safety, including the provision of risk management assessments, regular site inspections and staff training.